Medications and Natural Remedies

Not every ailment requires a prescription food or an antibiotic.  Sometimes a simple supplement or other over-the-counter product can do the trick.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Allergies

    Has a vet ever 'prescribed' a limited ingredient diet like Hill's z/d or Iams Veterinary Formula FP?

    The former supposedly removes ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or intolerances with some dogs.  The latter's 'FP' name denotes that fish and potato are the major ingredients in the product.  But why get these products from your vet, when you can get countless fish and potato (or other limited-ingredient diets) over-the-counter for far less money?  And what if your dog is allergic to fish?


    Many over-the-counter products guarantee that their ingredients are human grade, sourced from quality American and Canadian suppliers, and do not use chemical preservatives like BHT or ethoxyquin:  which often are the very cause of food intolerances.  Bottom line:  food allergies simply involve elminating the offending ingredients (or, if you prefer to treat the cause, addressing the immune system's response) from the diet, for which an expensive prescription diet is simply unnecessary.

    Sometimes changing diets isn't enough, and hot spots arise from seasonal or environmental factors.  Cain & Able Collection produces grooming products made with hot spots in mind.  Their lavender products are meant to be gentle and soothing for dry, itchy, or sensitive skin, while their peppermint oil products utilize peppermint oil's natural anti-microbial properties to help clean existing hot spots.  (View the Cain and Able product line.)

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  • Flea Control

    Spot-on treatments, lawn sprays, and flea bombs can obviously be unsafe.  Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to help control this deadly pest.

    Natural Defense is a spot-on treatment that uses natural oils to block the neurotransmitter octopamine:  killing fleas, ticks and mosquitoes almost instantly.  Natural Defense will not kill larvae or eggs, but since you can apply the product as often as needed, it can eventually fully treat the infestation.  Particularly comforting is the fact that people and children can pet your dog without risk--well, maybe some greasy fingers from the oils.  The Natural Defense line also includes a powders and sprays; (Check out the Natural Defense website.)

    Another great product for fleas is De Flea by Natural Chemistry.  One of the two active ingredients is categorized as a pesticide (it's actually a surfactant, and highly water soluable), but the other is an essential oil; the shampoo kills fleas on contact, and it is great for a one-time treatment of fleas that you can rinse clean so that your pet is not spreading pesticides in unwanted areas.  Natural Chemistry makes several other De Flea products as well.  (Visit the Natural Chemistry website.)

     Sometimes a simple bath with a product designed to protect from fleas will help do the trick.  Dirty & Hairy brand has produced a line of Shampoos, Conditioners and Grooming Sprays, called Protect, designed to keep the bugs away.  Protect products utilize citronella oil, which has long been known for its insect repelling properties.  Plus, these products will leave your pet feeling beautifully soft and smelling great after every bath.  (Visit Dirty & Hairy online.)

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  • Anxiety

    Got a stressed out dog?  Well, there's hope afterall.  One thing that many dog owners have dealt with is their pup's fear of thunderstorms.  The Thundershirt is a wonderful option for this and many other forms of anxiety.

    From noise sensitivity to leash pulling, from hyperactivity to problem barking, even aggression, the Thundershirt utilizes gentle pressure to soothe the nervous system and calm down your dog.  (Learn more about the Thundershirt.)

    Pheremones are another great treatment for stress and anxiety.  D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheremones) and it's feline equivalent, Comfort Zone with Feliway, use these natural scents to make pets feel at ease.  Several days after giving birth, the mother will release a pheremone which gives her puppies a sense of well-being and assurance.  D.A.P. simulates this pheremone to help calm your dog.  For cats, Feliway simulates a pheremone that cats apply to safe and cat-friendly areas by rubbing their face against them.  (Learn more about D.A.P. and Comfort Zone with Feliway.)

    Another product line which our customers have reported success with is Quiet Moments by NaturVet.  Quiet Moments products include a feline spray that works simliarly to Comfort Zone, as well as gels, soft chews, and tablets for both dogs and cats with various calming ingredients.  One ingredient in particular is L-Tryptophan; you know, the stuff that makes you sleepy when you eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  (Explore NaturVet Calming Moments products.)

    This is just a sampling of the many natural, homeopathic, and holistic remedies you can find for various anxieties and behavior problems with your pet.  Stop by our store, or get in touch with us if you would like to learn more!

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