Joey’s Pet Outfitters Dog ParkThis Weekend:

  1. Welcome to Joey's, and the soon-to-be reopened Joey's Dog Park!
  2. The park is not yet officially open, as we are still determining our member admissions process. Therefore:
    1. No off-leash or loose dogs, please.
    2. Although you might get a peek at our VIP dogs: Tanner, Hush, and Boomer, sneaking in a quick swim or two.
    3. Why? Until we can determine the best way to screen members, it's best for everyone that we don't allow typical off-leash park activities.
    4. Today is free and open to the public, which means we have no way of protecting you from potential problems.
    5. We cannot take that risk with you and your dog's safety!
  3. The purpose of this weekend is to allow our customers, and the community, to explore our facilities and the improvements we've made thus far.
  4. We want their thoughts and feedback! (See below, and the survey.)

Going Forward

  1. When membership opens, we'll be offering a very limited number of memerships at an introductory rate.
  2. These Founding Members will enjoy the lowest rate that will ever be offered at the park, and will lock in that rate for as long as they renew.
  3. The dog park season will generally run from April through November: weather permitting.
  4. Park hours will include intraday closings for rental availability, so non-profits and community organizations have an opportunity to host their events.
  5. We will also likely block out a couple of days a week for full-day events, private parties, etc.
  6. The park will open and close in line with store hours (e.g. 10am and 7pm on weekdays), will close on the same holidays, etc.


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