New foods, new dog park, new parking, and more

We never want to stop improving, and this past year we’ve been working harder than ever. We’ve always lead our industry: we solve real health problems for pets; we sell only what meets our standards; we do it with style; and we’ll never be boring.

With that spirit in mind, we’re so excited to announce many improvements that you might’ve missed, as well as some that are still on the way.

New Technology and Convenience:

All new Joey’s Rewards app with email updates

With the all new Joey’s Rewards, you get updates sent right to your inbox whenever you make a purchase. You’ll also receive a monthly digest as a regular reminder of your progress towards great rewards.

This way you’ll always know how many points you have.

The new app also allows us to better track your frequent buyer programs. We can now update you on your progress toward free bags much faster, and you can see which programs you’re a part of in each email. We also hope to have bag counts included for you in those emails down the road, but we’re somewhat at the mercy of the developers there.

You’ll also get promotions and coupons sent directly to your inbox, and you can redeem them right from your unique Joey’s Rewards account: right at the register. There’s no coupons to manage or hassle to deal with. We’re really excited about the new system and we think you’ll love it! 

Support for Apple Pay and Android Pay

Included in our upgrades, you can now quickly pay using your cell phone. It’s super easy, and really fast!

We also have full support for EMV “chip” readers, and we’re pleased to say they’re some of the fastest chip readers we’ve experienced; none of the lag we’ve found elsewhere.

Our best dry food lineup ever, including:

All new EU certified and non-GMO brands

Foods made for export to the EU must meet higher standards, and this is just one method for helping us determine which products are deceiving or misleading our customers, and which pet foods are truly natural and made with food grade (as opposed to feed grade) standards.

All new foods such as Farmina, as well as Joey’s staples Orijen and Acana, go much further than an ingredient panel with commoditized meat meals or loads of “grain free” starches.

Our natural pet foods care about making REAL FOOD.

USA made Orijen/Acana w/ USA ingredients

Speaking of Orijen and Acana: they’ve really stepped up their game (as if it wasn’t awesome already).

There’s been some chatter about the company changing their formulas, or even “watering down” or compromising the ingredient quality.

It’s the opposite: they’ve improved their formulas and made them even more fresh and local to US customers.

In order to maintain their commitment to fresh, regional ingredients, as well as to local farmers: when they built their brand new, state of the art kitchens in Kentucky, Champion Pet Foods needed to source new ingredients that were local to the new facility.

Their original Alberta facility continues to produce foods tailored to the unique ingredients available there, and American customers now get even fresher, more locally-oriented foods than before.

New technology = Better food

As if that weren’t enough, the new kitchens have allowed Champion to add even more fresh meats, with less meals and carbs. They’re now able to provide more nutrition from whole foods, as opposed to synthetic supplements, as well.


  • Baked and dehydrated kibbles; better than extruded
  • Dry foods with freeze dried and raw ingredients

Completely revamped raw food lineup

  • New protein sources e.g. Wild Boar
  • Larger bags for larger/multiple dogs
  • Lower priced options

More new apparel styles/patterns and products than ever before

The latest fashions, functional harnesses, redesigned life jackets in all new colors: all these and more are arriving as we speak and all summer long!

Coming Soon:

  • The dog park returns (stay tuned over the next couple months, weather permitting)
  • Fully renovated and expanded parking only weeks away!
  • Integrated e-commerce with in-store pickup
  • Text message updates for Joey’s Rewards



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