Acana Dog & Cat Foods

Natural Dog FoodsAcana is devoted to their mission of producing “Biologically Appropriate” foods for dogs and cats. This means foods tailored to the instinctive dietary needs and carnivorous heritage of our pets. To acheive that end, Acana produces foods made with high meat and low carbohydrate levels, zero preservatives, and the highest quality, natural, human grade ingredients delivered fresh daily.

Joey's carries the full line of Acana Regionals grain free foods as well as the new Acana Singles formulas: both of which are designed to deliver quality protein, low carb nutrition to your pets.


Acana Regionals Dog & Cat Foods

Acana has an unmatched dedication to quality in the pet food industry. Based in Alberta, Canada, Acana sources all of their ingredients from farmers and producers they know and trust: most of whom are located nearby in western Canada.

These ingredients are delivered fresh to Acana's facility every day (they're never frozen), and arrive within 24 to 48 hours of harvest. And Acana's own facility is the only place where their foods are produced. The Regionals line of foods for dogs and cats includes low carb, grain-free recipes made with 60-65% meat and 35-40% fruits and vegetables.


Acana Singles Dog Foods

Acana's new singles line provides even more options for dog owners looking for low carb, low glycemic, pet foods with the highest quality ingredient sources. With 45-50% meat, The Acana Singles lineup includes Lamb & Okanagan Apple with ranch-raised lamb, Duck & Bartlett Pear with cage-free duck, and Chicken and Burbank Potato with cage-free chicken.

Unlike the regionals line, Acana Singles do include one grain: steel cut oats, which are actually lower on the glycemic index than both potatoes and sweet potatoes. The only other carb source is potatoes, and the lamb and duck formulas include only the aforementioned protein sources. Acana Singles dog foods are rice free, corn free, and feature fresh, hypoallergenic ingredients.