The Honest Kitchen Pet Foods

Hypoallergenic Dog FoodThe Honest Kitchen operates around the idea that every pet deserves to be healthy. Their pet nutrition products include all natural dog and cat foods and holistic treats as well as supplements for well-rounded pet diets. What makes The Honest Kitchen unique is their process of dehydration. By slowly removing all of the water from their fresh, raw ingredients, they make it easy for you to simply add water when you are ready to serve your pet a healthy and nutritious meal. Not only that, but it also makes for hypoallergenic pet food if your dog or cat has sensitivities to foods.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The wide range of dog food options from The Honest Kitchen makes it easy to find the best option for providing your pet with top-notch nutrition. They offer a variety of grain free and gluten free dog food options all made from 100% human grade materials and machinery. The care taken throughout the process, from ingredient decisions through the dehydration process, makes their hypoallergenic dog food ideal for any dog with allergies or a sensitive stomach.

The Honest Kitchen Cat Food

The Honest Kitchen’s cat food offerings are all grain free and made from high protein, human grade ingredients in a human food facility. They also offer gluten-free cat food options, ideal for sensitive or allergy-prone pets. Like all products from The Honest Kitchen, their raw cat food line offers dehydrated cat food that simply requires the addition of water before serving a fresh meal.